About DFGM
DFGM has the professional ability to respond to external and internal threats in the ever changing world around us.

The challenge in providing consulting and security services is locating weaknesses and gaps in the security system. These issues are then addressed in a detailed operational manner, and solved.

The founder of DFGM, Moti Francis, has served 25 years in the Israeli Security Agency (ISA). Prior to his retirement in 2003, he acted as head of the Protection Division for the Middle East region. His job included supervising and controlling the security on diplomatic missions, in airports and seaports in the above region, as well as supervising security in the Prime Minister's Office and the President's Residence, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Bodyguards Unit.

Moti Francis holds a B.A in political science and an M.B.A in business management.

The employees at DFGM have all served in the intelligence and security departments in the Israeli Security Agency, and they have extensive operational experience in protection of civil aviation, seaports, facilities and embassies.

They are highly qualified in managing complex security systems, and in training security and screening personnel at all levels.

The working standard at DFGM meets the international regulations set by ICAO, TSA, IMO and ISPS.



Following the events of September 11 th, the company has committed itself to ensure that civil security systems around the world may provide an adequate security and protection solution for terrorist and criminal threats.
It is DFGM's goal to provide a top security solution while maintaining normal activity at the protected facility.
DFGM's mission is based on three principles: professionalism, discretion and innovation.
Israeli Ministry of Defense, license number 83858776
Israeli Ministry of Justice, license number 53198701
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